Production capacities

Stonemasonry – the creative power of nature and the precision of modern technology

Modern times and the needs of the market, as well as more and more complex requirements of the modern society, ask that each industry keeps pace with new trends.

The same principle applies in our production units. Being aware that the aesthetic standards are becoming higher and higher and the quality criteria more and more demanding, we have made sure that our manufacturing facilities remain on a high level.


The stone that we process in our production plants is characterized by high quality. We use the latest technology which enables us maximum precision in cutting, polishing and processing profiles and angles.

Our production plants are equipped to professionally:

  • cut stone, marble, granite, quartz and engineered stone
  • polish stone, marble, granite, quartz and engineered stone
  • grind stone, marble, granite, quartz and engineered stone
  • split (break) stone, granite and marble
  • sandblast stone, marble, granite, quartz and engineered stone
  • grind stone, marble and granite floors
  • clean/wash stone, granite and marble floors and cladding

We are confident that the continuous adoption of new technologies and knowledge, that is, the constant upgrading of good foundation set in the late 1960s is the only correct way to gain and consolidate the trust of our customers.

Our interest in technological development, expansion of production and service range and professional development of human resources is the best guarantee that our company is going to meet all your expectations.

Join us in our mission to create timeless stone buildings– become our partner in promoting the lasting quality of stonemasonry work. Please feel free to contact us, ask questions and give suggestions for business cooperation!