Builder of world history


* The colour of the samples may differ from their natural colour depending on the display setting.


Granite is a very common and widespread type of igneous rock which usually appears in the form of batholith (an exposed area of plutonic rock) found in the continental crust.

Granite is an appreciated building material which is a very useful, grateful and popular choice in the construction industry due to its specific characteristics. It is used both for technical and decorative purposes:

  • it is massive, solid and firm and therefore resistant to external influences (moisture, frost, bending, pressure, water absorption, blows…)
  • it can take on a wide variety of colours and patterns – from the lightest to the darkest shades
  • it is a versatile material whose density varies and accordingly it can be used for different purposes
  • it is particularly suitable for paving interior and exterior spaces due to limitless combinations of shapes, colours and patterns

Just like marble, granite is an important part of artistic and architectural expression in the world history. It can be said that granite has been on Earth since the beginning of time. The oldest civilizations used it in construction. It is found in the Egyptian pyramids, and an interesting example of its use is the Stonehenge in England. These monuments stand witness to the incredible strength and admirable durability of granite materials.

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