Timeless beauty from the ancient times to the present


* The colour of the samples may differ from their natural colour depending on the display setting.

This widely appreciated stone is a type of limestone which has crystalline structure with addition of other elements. The characteristic snow-white colour of the limestone comes to the fore while additions of other chemical compounds produce different ”coloured” varieties of the basic theme. For example, metal oxides give marble a yellow, brown or reddish colour; graphite, coal and bitumen make it grey or black; and chlorite gives it a characteristic green colour.

Marble is rightfully one of the most popular types of stone used in construction and decoration of spaces, and these are its advantages:

  • easy to cut, process and polish
  • durable material (it is most commonly composed of firm calcite and dolomite) that can easily be adapted to different requirements in construction
  • it provides more options – more colours and decorative patterns to suit all tastes
  • versatile material which can be used for various purposes
  • very good solution for floors


Are you impressed with the sculptural art of ancient times? The most beautiful sculptures and the most important ancient buildings were made precisely of – marble! The famous Greek marble from the isle of Paros and Mount Pentelicus takes credit for the wonderful buildings and inspiring art of the ancient times.

In Croatia marble is found near Sinj, Split and Dubrovnik, on the island of Brač and in Istria. High quality Brač marble (although known by that name, Brač marble is not a real marble but a specific type of limestone) is very often used in construction, and the marble from the quarry near Pučišća on the island of Brač is even used worldwide.

The most famous and most commonly used marble comes from Carrara in Italy. It was used for carving Michelangelo’s ”David”.

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