Decorative stone

Decorative stone - the symbol of nature

The return of contemporary architecture to natural materials is more and more visible. Natural stone cladding is increasingly used in interior and exterior decoration due to its unique features.
Natural stone can be the guiding idea of your project (e.g. the entire facade) or it can emphasize only certain interior or exterior details and create a warm and intimate atmosphere.
Stone is the oldest and the most noble building material which has been used for thousands of years, primarily due to its durability and high resistance to external influences.


Natural stone is elegant and easily combined with other materials. It is a timeless material which does not follow fashion trends and always maintains its originality and uniqueness.
Using a flexible adhesive, stone cladding can be glued on various types of  surfaces such as concrete, brick, wood or thermal insulation used in anchoring systems.

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We have also been installing (stone masonry and cladding) Benkovac stone for many years.

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