About Us

It all began with one stone...

Our story began a long time ago. It tells of a tradition more than four decades long whose main focus of attention from the very beginning was the manufacture of timeless stone products.


In 1967 Stjepan Stanković started manually processing the first pieces of stone. He had a small workshop which due to his perseverance and hard work grew into a sizeable craft workshop a few years later. Constant focus on future challenges was the biggest motivation for this manufacture shop to outgrow itself and become a modern and sophisticated production plant for stone processing. The state-of-the-art technology and stone masonry skills refined throughout the years go hand in hand here, with the ultimate goal of creating quality products which last and inspire.

Stone is one of the most versatile natural materials used for construction and decoration of buildings and their interior, exterior and surrounding areas. Stone is also a symbol of endurance and strength – due to its firmness and durability it is able to resist various environmental conditions and it is extremely pliable for artistic expression.

Stanković Masonry Company is fully committed to creating aesthetically appealing and timeless stone products. Our family business has kept its good foundation and high standards throughout the years, passing on the tradition of stone masonry and skills from generation to generation, while enriching its product range and skills by introducing modern innovations.

Speaking from years of experience, perhaps it would be best to symbolically compare the story of the company to the basic material it uses in its production – to firm and durable stone. Over the decades of stone masonry work we have shown perseverance and tenacity, just as it can be seen in every stone building in which we left our mark of quality craftsmanship.


Why choose us?

  •        Top quality of stone processing by using cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated machines
  •        High level of expertise and stone masonry skills among our employees
  •        Strong production units – modern facilities which enable us to carry out the most demanding projects
  •        Among the leading companies that process stone, marble and granite
  •        Long tradition that guarantees experience and reliability

Innovations in the production process – we have perfected new techniques of stone processing on more than one hundred kinds of materials




If you are interested in unique, elegant and timeless stone buildings, building extensions and decoration – entrust your project to Stanković Masonry Company!