Mission and vision

The quality that lasts, the beauty that inspires


Klesarstvo Stanković Company is committed to creating top-quality stone products of lasting quality and inspiring beauty. The very best of our tradition and experience is used in combination with modern innovative techniques.

The art and skill developed throughout the years, along with modern and precise machine processing result in products which effectively compete in the market in terms of their design, price and quality.



The most important and guiding concept of our business is to constantly move forward – both in terms of product quality and the level of service we provide.

As we nurtured these values throughout the years of being active in the market, we will continue doing our best for years to come by constantly improving our knowledge and skills. By continuously developing the production in the field of stone, marble and granite we wish to further expand the range of our products and services which are going to meet the highest standards of modern society.

Satisfaction of our customers and our work, which is by itself the best recommendation, are our most important goals. Therefore, in addition to constantly improving the quality of production we are oriented towards improving the relationship with our clients, co-workers and well as the entire society.

Becoming the first choice in providing stonemasonry services in terms of quality and remaining a reliable and attractive partner in terms of approaching the customers is the vision of our future development which remains permanent in all our professional endeavours.